Megs and Me



In February I was home (Minnesota) and was lucky enough to work with the great and talented Meghan (aka Megs) of Meghan Lee Artistry!  We spent the entire day in her beautiful studio where she not only took these photos but she also styled my hair and did this awesome make-up!  She has been a big inspiration for me and my blog. I love seeing a strong woman reaching her dreams and goals.

Here are some questions I was able to ask her while she got me all glammed up!

Q: What makes your services so unique?

A: “My drive is to make you feel confident, beautiful and proud to be your unique self. I'm into giving you an experience that you can look back on with a smile, whether it be with yourself, a friend or family. I'm all about making you feel good in your own skin and celebrating what makes you different, I just polish it and make it shiny :) My love and passion is art and express that through my artistry which encompasses a few different services. I consider myself a one stop shop for your photography, makeup, hair styling and organic spray tanning needs.

My services include photography with creative styling for high school seniors, models, business professionals, families, mothers to be and newborn portraiture. In addition, I'm a certified makeup artist and hairstylist (stricktly styling) who offers multi-media makeup and hair design for your photography session and/or special occasion. This includes everything from weddings to halloween special effects. To top it all off, I also supply custom organic spray tanning for individuals or parties”

Q: Describe your business in one sentence.

A: “Celebrating what makes you different through the artistry of photography, makeup & hair design and custom organic spray tanning.”

Q: What are the top 5 make-up/face products every women needs?

A: "Well I can't speak for every face out there but here are a few that I can't live without! 

1. Primer (love me some Arbonne face primer) - When you think of primer think of a painter and that they need to prime their canvas before they apply paint, it's the same concept with your face. Primer provides an even smooth surface for your makeup and really helps with the longevity. It minimizes larger pores and fine lines allowing for concealers and foundation to blend more evenly. There is a plethora of primers so experiment find one that works for you! I would maybe stay away from the one's that contain oil though, they tend to clog up pores

2. Tinted Face Moisturizer (don't forget the SPF) - this is essential for keeping the face looking fresh, healthy and supple (I love that word). If you're not into foundation having something tinted can help even out skin tone and unwanted redness. I'm usually go pretty bare in the summer (ya know when ole man winter doesn't make us look sick :) and this is an everyday product.

3. Tinted lip balm/gloss - No one wants a mute lip unless you are going real fancy with the eyes or have some avant garde thing going on. Keep them looking soft with a tinted lip balm (Sugar by Fresh is my all time favorite…it's like butta). You can also use this as a cream blush, which makes it look more natural like it's coming from within :)

4. Eyebrow Mousse, pencil or shadow! - So many ladies forget about their beloved eyebrows. Your eyes are your main feature and people are drawn to them first so if you've got great makeup going on and a sparse barren landscape supporting it up top, what is the point!  Give those puppies some love, please! No, do not draw in your brows with too dark of a pencil but a subtle definition along the bottom brow line with a brown shadow or eyebrow mousse can give it shape and brighten up your face. Using an upward motion to groom and fluff.  A little definition can go a long way. 

5. Mascara - if all else fails and you don't have makeup pump up those lashes! Even if you go simple, lashes give you that innocent bambi look every girl wants. You can always use mascara as an eyeliner in a pinch too!"

(click on the products to see where you can find them)

Q: Who are some people that inspire you?

A: “This changes for me often but I would have to say I look up to women who own businesses and have a healthy balance between work and play. I see a lot of business owners who work their butts off and don't take time to live life and look road hard and put up wet. When I find someone who is positive, uplifiting and always seems willing to help other people it inspires me to stop thinking about what can I do for myself or business and think about what can I do for other people, because the rest will just fall into place. Marie Forleo is one of my new loves.”

 Check out her website to learn more about her services

Hope you all have a great weekend!



P.S.- How amazing are these Louboutins!!!

Posted on April 4, 2014 .