5 Make-Up Favs

I've been getting picky with my make-up lately.  I don't have much time in the morning to get extravagant so I like my basics to be good quality. I look at make-up just like I do my clothes, quality basics are a must and you can dress them up on occasion.  I still throw on the smokey eye and lashes every once in a while but who needs that everyday?! 

Check out my top 5 favs......

ANASTASIA BROW POWDER: I like using powder for a more natural looking brow.  I dip my brush in this once and it's enough for my whole brow (tip: always start at the ends and work in).

MAC LIPSTICK (JAPANESE MAPLE):  I get my lipstick choice from my mom.  She's been wearing a similar shade for years, it's a classic just like her!

BARE MINERALS FOUNDATION: This foundation makes my skin look flawless and is super light weight.

BOBBI BROWN CONCEALER: I have dark under eyes and have always felt I need to cake on the concealer but with this, just a couple pats does the job.  I also love the corrector (here).

L'OREAL MASCARA: Good mascara is a MUST! This is the one!

xo, Cam

Posted on March 20, 2016 .