Chi Town

Last month, I surprised my beau with a trip to Chicago and Bears tickets (yes, I know what you're thinking....the Bears!? haha).  We had a great time and even though it was freezing and the Bears lost, we still enjoyed the sites and food.   

We stayed at the W Hotel (city center) and boy was it a beaut!  I highly suggest it and it's in a great location.  It was only 20 degrees outside but we still managed to walk Michigan Avenue for a little shopping and some of Millennium Park.  I was on a mission to find the hipster part of town, not because I am one but because they usually have all the good vintage and antique shops.  Mission accomplished!!! We Uber'd it to Wicker Park, a cute area with good restaurants and shopping (and less touristy).  

Now on to my favorite part, the food.......

If you take anything from this post, take this......GO TO AL'S BEEF!  Best sandwich ever!  Not the healthiest, but definitely the best!  Be sure to get your sandwich dipped and with peppers.  We tried both the big pizza spots, Lou Malnati's and Giordano's.  We liked both but Lou's just a little more.  While in Wicker Park, we went to Big Star for tacos, the beef taco was my favorite but they were all really good.  We wanted to go to Velvet Taco as well but never made it, so you should!  For breakfast we enjoyed Yolk, try the Yolk Berry Bliss or Red Velvet French Toast.  We spent NYE at The Gage, a good atmosphere and a great venison burger....oh, get the deep fried pickles.   I could go on for days about the food but I wanted to keep it short, also writing this has made me so hungry I have to go eat something. 

Happy Monday! 

xo, Cam

Posted on February 8, 2016 .