Thrift Shop

Thrifting has always been my favorite way to shop.  I love to find treasures for not only my wardrobe but also my home.  Some think thrift shopping is for the penny pincher or the “underprivileged” but the price tag isn’t the only reason I love it.  The pieces I find would never be anywhere else, I love wearing something I know nobody else has (the price tag is just a plus!)  I’ve selected some of my favorite spots to hit here in the city.

Buffalo Exchange (332 East 11th St.): Clothing

Cure Thrift Shop (111 East 12th St): Clothing and Furniture

Beacon's Closet: (10 West 13th St.): Clothing

What Goes Around Comes Around (351 West Broadway): Clothing

The Upper Rust (445 East 9th St): Furniture

xo, Cam

Posted on May 9, 2016 .